These kids began hatching on 3/19/17,

and the fifth and final baby hatched on 3/25/17.

They were pulled for handfeeding on 4/7/17.


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April 8, 2017: Kids are eating better today.  I pulled these kids a little later than I normally do and remember now why I like pulling them a bit sooner.  The younger they are, the quicker and easier they figure out the handfeeding.


April 9, 2017: So far I believe there are two males.  Two females for sure, too, but the one other baby is just a tad iffy.  I don't see any hint of the cobalt blue, so I'm thinking it's more likely a female, but a few more days will tell us for sure.


April 10, 2017: They change so much from day to day at this age.  Still can't tell for sure about that one chick, but definitely two males here.


April 11, 2017: I posted a video today of the kids I'm handfeeding.


Update on #119: he is no longer sold and will also be available.


April 13, 2017: How cute are they?!  The two boys are on the left and the 3 girls on the right.







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